Meadowbrook Park Pickleball Leagues

2021 Fall Convenience Pickleball League

September 12 -October 29
$35 per player / per division

Registration NOW OPEN!

Meadowbrook Park pickleball courts
9101 Nall Avenue, Prairie Village

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Fall Pickleball League - 18 and older


General Information:
This is a convenience pickleball league. This league is designed for players to schedule their own games and report scores to the League Director. Participants will be given a schedule with the teams they will play each week. Courts will be reserved for league play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 - 8 PM. Games may take place outside of the reserved times, if agreed upon by both teams. All games must take place during the week they are assigned, unless otherwise stated by the League Director. All communication will be sent via email. Players are responsible for their communication with the League Director and other teams. Players are responsible for finding their own partner. Equipment not provided. 

All participants must meet the following requirements: 

  • Complete registration and sign the JCPRD waiver
  • Be at least 18 years of age by 9/12/21
  • Able to play in all seven weeks of the league

Divisions are organized into Gender and Mixed Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced leagues. *Division may be combined to meet minimum registration needs. 

  • Beginner (2.5 and under) - This division is for inexperienced pickleball players. Players have a basic understanding of the rules and the ability to keep score on their own. 
  • Intermediate (3.0 & 3.5) - This division is for skilled pickleball players. Players must know the rules, work toward strategy on the court, are consistent with serving, returning, and volley at a medium pace. 
  • Advanced (4.0 & up) - This division is for highly skilled pickleball players. Players serve/return with power, have the ability to change shot types, consistently execute 3rd shot strategies, and communicates well with partner.

Registration Information: 

Registration: Monday, July 26
Registration Deadline:  
Friday, September 3 at 5 pm
Registration Fee: 
$35 per player / per division
Registration Form: 
Follow this link to fill out the online preregistration form
Registration Policy: 
Registration is NOT complete until a member of JCPRD has contacted you for confirmation and payment. We ask for players to be patient during the registration process and wait to hear from JCPRD. Players with complete pre-registration forms will be given priority. If you submit your pre-registration form with "TBD" for your partner, or your partner does not submit their form, a team from the waitlist with completed pre-registration forms may take your position.

League Rules:

  • League operations are overseen by JCPRD staff, however no court attendants will be onsite during league play. 
  • Players are to abide by the JCPRD participant code of conduct, Meadowbrook Park court rules and COVID-19 guidelines. All games will follow USA Pickleball (USAP) rules. 
  • League Director will assign weekly matches at random based on number of teams in each division. Teams are responsible for scheduling their own match times. 
  • Player emails will be shared with those in applicable divisions in order for teams to schedule games. Players must be respectful and thoughtful with one another at all times. Emails may only be used to schedule league games. 
  • All matches will consist of three games played to 11, win by two. All three games must be played in succession and must be played, in every match. Each game counts towards the total number of games won or lost per team. Games will be self-officiated by players. Disputes are to be settled by the teams on the court in a courteous and diplomatic fashion, and according to the USAPA rules. 
  • Teams must submit final game scores to the League Director by email immediately following the game. Please CC the opposing team on your score email. Any scores not reported to the league director by Monday at 5pm in the week following scheduled play will be considered a forfeit for both teams. 
  • Winners of each division will be determined by an end of the season tournament.  The top four teams with compete in this tournament. Teams will be seeded based on their standing in the league. Seeds will first go by total number of games won. In the event of a tie, seeding will be determined by head-to-head game results. Each division will have an award given to the first place team. 
  • Each team may only have two substitutions throughout the league. Subs must complete a league registration and sign the JCPRD Participation Waiver before playing. SUB FORM. Subs may not compete in the end of the league tournament. 
  • All questions and concerns should be brought to the League Director. Please note that League Director works regular business hours. Game disputes must be settled by players at the time of the match. The League Director reserves the right to cancel, amend, or make changes at any time, including the dismissal of players or teams who are unable or unwilling to abide by rules and guidelines.

COVID-19 Policies

Players are expected to be vigilant in preventing the spread of the virus by practicing good hygiene as recommended by CDC guidelines. Social distancing is expected to be practiced at all times. No handshakes, paddle bumps or physical contact between players. 

Players are to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms or exposure risks as listed by the CDC guidelines. 

Teams must provide their own equipment, including balls. Each player must serve using their own ball. Please no sharing of any equipment at this time.