Give to JCPRD Bike Share

Give to JCPRD Bike Share Today

Could you forgo buying a couple cups of coffee a month and do a $10 recurring monthly donation for a year? Something small would be a great way to support bike share in your community. Every dollar goes to JCPRD bike share maintenance and makes our fleet more accessible for everyone.

Your donation will support:

  • A first of its kind clean, healthy transportation and relocation alternative in Johnson County expansion of the RideKC bike share system into the award-winning parks, trails, and cultural centers in Johnson County
  • Bicycle advocacy and education
  • Getting bike share memberships to those who really can’t afford them
  • Supporting Johnson County cycling initiatives and partnerships
  • Assisting in building a better biking infrastructure in the Kansas City metropolitan area
  • Provide proper sanitation and maintenance of 70 bikes and 16 hubs to ensure accessibility, safety, and reliability

Reasons to Give

A sustainable financially supported bike share system can help Johnson County become an even better place to live, recreate, and raise a family. JCPRD bike share offers a solution to live a more physically fit life, lower the amount of carbon we breathe, lessen the amount of vehicular traffic in our parks, and continue to make Johnson County one of the most forward-thinking communities in Kansas.

Join the future of bike share in Johnson County by supporting this initiative today. All the funding goes directly to The Parks and Recreation Foundation of Johnson County and is solely available for use by JCPRD bike share.

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The Parks and Recreation Foundation of Johnson County is a nonprofit 501 c 3

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