Kill Creek Park Marina

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Kill Creek Marina operates out of the Kill Creek Beach building. 

Kill Creek Park Marina offers boat rentals including kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boat and canoes in the heart of the beautiful Kill Creek Park. Whether you are looking for a great workout, fun family activity or a peaceful float on the water, Kill Creek Park Marina has what you are looking for.

In response to COVID-19, the Kill Creek Park Marina has modified operations for the 2021 season to encourage social distancing and a safe environment for our visitors and staff. 

  • One hour boat rentals will be offered with 30-minutes in between rentals to allow staff to sanitize the facility, boats and equipment prior to the next rental.
  • Boats will be spread across the beach. Please keep safe distance from other visitors when approaching and exiting the facility.
  • Please help our staff keep a safe and fun environment for all and maintain safe distance.
  • To maintain safe distance, patrons will be required to enter and exit the boat without assistance.

Age Requirements

  1. Must be 12 years or older to rent a boat.
  2. Must be 12 years or older to occupy a boat without guardian.
  3. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied, in the same boat, by an adult to rent and use equipment. 

How to rent and what to expect when arriving to the marina.

  1. Rentals for boats at the Kill Creek location will be done in person. Cash only.
  2. Once on the lake please maintain proper social distancing from other boats.
  3. When your rental is done please re-enter the beach area following directions from staff.

Boats Available & Rental Rates


kayak image

1-Hour Rental Rate
JOCO ResidentNon-Resident
Maximum Weight250 lbs.
Maximum Occupancy1 person

Stand Up Paddle Board

stand up paddle board image

Stand Up Paddle Board
1-Hour Rental Rate
JOCO ResidentNon-Resident
Maximum Weight230 lbs.
Maximum Occupancy1 person


Canoe Image - Kill Creek Park

1-Hour Rental Rates
JOCO ResidentNon-Resident
Maximum Weight780 lbs.
Maximum OccupancyMax of 4 with combination of adults and/or children.

Kill Creek Park Marina Rules & Regulations

We want to ensure you have a fun and safe experience, please ensure you are following all Shawnee Mission Park Marina rules and regulations.

  • No refunds for boat rentals, unless the facility is closed by JCPRD staff.
  • Please obey marina staff at all times. Marina staff reserves the right to ask any patron who is not following the rules and regulations to leave the facility without refund.
  • Must be 12 years or older to rent a boat. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in a boat alone and must be accompanied by an adult.  
  • All patrons renting boat must wear life jacket at all times while on dock or beach and in boat. No exceptions.
  • No alcohol, tobacco or drugs are allowed.
  • Please do not exit boat on the lake for swimming
  • Pets are not allowed on rental watercraft(s). They are very welcome to visit the Kill Creek Streamway Park Dog Park.
  • Do not stand in or tip boats intentionally.
  • Paddle boards and kayaks are single person boats. 
  • Renters are responsible for damage or loss to the boats and or equipment.
  • JCPRD is not responsible for accidents or damage to personal property. 
  • Please be cognizant of others on the lake. Allow all boaters on the lake space to enjoy. .