Busby Berkely - Footlight Parade (Human Waterfall)


Tim’s Pick

So there was this fellow. His name was Busby. Well, it was really William, but Busby is way better! He was born in 1895 Yea… old timey. He was a Hollywood director and was pretty famous for extravegant over the top musical production numbers involving scads and scads of show girls in particular. How does this relate to TIP? if you recall, in 2018 we did High School Musical 1&2. It was great! The director, Guy Gardner BEGGED me to please let him have a pool in the orchestra pit (because part of the show took place at a country club with a pool.) Oh the conversation went round and round and even touched on "what if we actually flood the pit?! (Aside from wild life at the park... there were a few other reasons why it didn’t happen!) Never the less... I can only imagine what it would have looked like. So in honor of Guy and our HSM cast here is a little video of what COULD have happened if I had mustered the courage to flood the TIP orchestra pit! (Maybe next time, Guy!) Tim

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