National Theatre - Treasure Island

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April’s Pick

Hi! This is April from TIP here and I have to admit that I’ve been the one posting everything National Theatre.  I’ve been obsessed with the National for years and have been very lucky to see many of their shows both live in London and in movie theatres through NT Live.  

This week’s presentation of ’Treasure Island’ is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite NT productions ever and is the perfect show for a family movie night.  

This new adpation by Bryony Lavery puts an interesting twist into this classic story of adventure and pirates. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.  

As always, leave your thoughts and questions in the comments!  I’d love nothing more than to talk about this show all day long!  And I have feeling there are going to be several ’How did they DO that?’ comments, so stay tuned for some special links thoughout the next week, but for now revel in the magic of theatre. - April

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