Say It With Firecrackers - Fred Astaire


Tim’s Pick

OK. Hands down, no question about it. My favorite dancer of all time is Fred Astaire. He was ridiculous. As an old tap dancer myself, I just gotta say… I NEVER tire of watching him. My favorite musicals are big old fashioned book shows. Especially big old TAP DANCE shows! If you didn’t know, the stage at TIP is one gigantic concrete slab. If you’ve ever tap danced at the park... you know it all too well!! So hats off to you concrete tappers! Anyhow, here’s a fun dance by my favorite guy. Possibly the part of this that I love the most is that the premise is that he just kind of wings the whole thing! He’s all like... "oh... here’s a bunch of fire crackers. I think I’ll use those and do a fun tap dance!" Gotta love it. So here ya are. Without further ado let’s all join Fred Astaire for "Say it with Firecrackers!" - Tim

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