Public Art Program

Public Art

Learn More About This Artist: Ann-Marie Yang.

About the Public Art Program

Johnson County Parks and Recreation (JCPRD) launched a new Public Art Program in 2020 to activate our parks spaces in a new way. The JPCRD Public Art committee will be comprised of JCPRD staff and members of the community to help direct the work, budget and timeline, under the direction of the JCPRD Board. 

JPCRD was fortunate to work with a local artist in 2018 to conduct a temporary public art project as a way for the staff and board to understand the best way to move forward and gain public input. Artist, Anne-Marie Yang, created the piece, “Ephemeral Peace,” which was installed at Lexington Lake Park in Desoto for a 6 month period. This project allowed JCPRD to build a framework, gather community feedback, and determine the best funding mechanism to sustain the program. (Please embed the image of the pdf attached which explains her project in depth.)

The JPCRD Public Art Policy can be found here!

We have also developed a policy for individuals who wish to donate a public work of art or propose a loan opportunity. That application is coming soon.

Public Art Committee

The Public Art Committee will accept applications year around, but new members are not consider until 4th quarter of each year with January being the start of each new term. The term is 3 years in length. The commitment will include bimonthly meetings at a time yet to be determined. If you are interested in applying to become a part of the committee, please submit your application here!

Art Selection Committee

An Art Selection Committee are individuals appointed by the Public Art Committee to recommend artists, propose artwork and budget expenditures for a public art project. A new committee is established uniquely for each project. You may apply for this committee here!