Youth Programs


Hey kids...learn, explore, and have a blast at Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse!  We have summer camps, school day out fun, cooking, engineering, fun holiday events and more to keep your minds learning and your bodies moving!

Arcade Mania Spring Break Camp with Challenge Island (Ages 6-11)

This Kids-Choice Challenge Island adventure puts a 100% SCREEN-FREE STEAM twist on popular video games, from Super STEAMio to Island Blox to Mine Island to Fort Island to retro-inspired games like Space Aliens and Pinball Machines!  You and your STEAM Team will swap game consoles for creativity and joysticks for ingenuity and imagination as you take on Islands of low-tech STEAM challenges created with game-loving kids in mind!

5 - 3 hr. sessions - $175 / $195 nonresident            

33956      MBPC      3/11          Mon           9 am

Pickleball: Youth Pickleball 101 (Ages 11-16)

This four-week course is great for new and beginning players. Each week will focus on a new topic covering all the basics like terminology, scoring, rules, serving, strategy, and more. Equipment not provided, bring your own paddle.

4 – 1 hr. lessons - $52 / $55 nonresidents

33833      MBPC      4/1           Mon             6 pm

33834      MBPC      4/29         Mon             6 pm

Biking: Buddy Pegs – Learn to Pedal (Ages 5-10)

Buddy Pegs certified coaches weave unique Learn to Pedal curriculum into play-based challenges and games. Students learn the fundamentals of riding a bike without pedals (no training wheels) thanks to no-pedal glide method of teaching. Once the class is pedaling and braking safely on their own, it’s time to roll out and learn how to ride safely in a group, alongside other trail users. Participants must bring their own bike and do not need to bring training wheels.

4 - 1 hr. lessons - $155 / $170 nonresidents 

34215      MBP         4/2           Tue              6 pm 

34217      MBP         4/30         Tue              6 pm

Special Events (All Ages)

Family Fun: Family Adventure Quest (All Ages)

NEW! Get ready for adventure at Meadowbrook Park. This thrilling event is designed to ignite your sense of adventure, teamwork, and outdoor exploration. Use clues to solve puzzles throughout the park. Pizza and dessert included. 

1 - 2 hr. event - $12 / $13 nonresidents; per person / 20% discount after 3rd family member

33957        MBPC            4/5           Fri         5:30 pm