League Rules

Youth Baseball – Fall 2019

USSSA rules will be followed unless stated otherwise. House Rules listed below will be implemented in addition to or in place of USSSA rules.

USSSA Rulebook

House Rules

  • Players cannot wear jewelry.
  • All teams must bat their full roster.
  • Each player must play one full inning on defense.
  • 5 runs (5-run-rule) or 3 outs will constitute a ½ full inning.
  • A team must field a minimum of 7 players to start or finish a game, there will be no offensive penalty for playing short.
  • Once a player is injured and cannot fulfill either a defensive rotation or his spot in the batting order, he is removed for the duration of the game and the batting order skips his position without penalty.
  • Courtesy Runner will be the last recorded out.
  • Game balls will be provided - 9" RIF Baseball.
  • In case of inclement weather a game will be declared a game after 2 compete innings or 30 minutes.
  • Run rule will be as followed. 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, and 8 runs after 5 innings.  Game play will continue but score will no longer be kept.
  • Tie Breaker for Standings: 1)Head to Head win/loss record. 2)Head to Head point differential. 3)Head to Head win/loss record vs. next place opponent. 4)Head to Head point differential vs. next place opponent. 5)Tie.
  • Metal Cleats are not allowed during youth league play. 

Division Requirements - 2019-2020 School Year

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teams 

  • Division is geared toward players who may have participated in Tball programs and/or are ready for coach pitch.

2nd & 3rd Grade Teams 

  • Division is geared toward players who may have participated in Tball programs and/or played in league play in the past.  This division is the next step before machine pitch is introduced.


  • All teams must provide gloves, bats and helmets.  The catcher must wear a helmet with facemask.  Refer to League Detailed Outline for specifications.


  • K-1st - Players will be able to choose to bat from a tee if necessary or desired. The tee will be brought to your field by your umpire.  Players will be able to select hitting from the tee or off a pitch each at-bat. Players will receive either 4 swings at a tee or 4 pitches from a coach.
  • 2nd-3rd - Coach Pitch

Time Limit

  • 1 hour
  • Once the time limit has expired, the current batter will finish his at bat.

Game Play

  • Pitching distance – 44'.  The coach can pitch from anywhere within the pitching box. 
  • Base distance – 60’
  • Each batter will receive 4 pitches OR 4 swings at a Tee (K-1st only). If he fails to hit the ball in fair play, he is out.
  • No stealing. No lead-offs.  Base runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.
  • The infield fly rule will not be in effect.
  • Base runners will only be allowed to advance one base beyond their intended base when an overthrow occurs.
  • Two defensive coaches will be allowed on the field. A defensive coach will be allowed to assist the catcher.  An offensive coach will be allowed to assist the batter.
  • The pitching coach may not coach from the pitchers box.
  • On defense, teams may play a 10th player in the outfield. The outfield begins at the grass.
  • If a batted ball strikes the pitching coach it becomes a dead ball, the batter advances to 1st base and all other base runners advance one base if forced.
  • 1st and 2nd place teams will receive place awards.  All other players will receive participation awards.