Large Group Event Information

Planning a Large Group Event at TimberRidge Adventure Center


The Welcome Center has air conditioning, heating, a kitchen, and a wrap around deck. It has an occupancy of 80 people.

The Whispering Pine Center has attached bathrooms, a fireplace, and an occupancy of 200 people.


 Our site is set up so you can pick and choose what amenities you want to provide and what best fits your group needs.  

  • Boating tends to be one of the most popular amenities. 
  • Archery and BB guns are for ages 8 and up.  
  • The climbing tower is for ages 12 and up and a health and liability form must be completed for each participant. Participants under the age of 18 will need a parent to sign the form too.  

Some suggestions if you have younger kids in your group. 

  • Hire a face painter, someone that makes balloon animals, or both. 
  • If you have other ideas, you can check with us and see if they would be allowed.  
  • Bouncy houses are NOT allowed in any of the District parks.  
  • Several groups have also brought a variety of lawn games to use near the shelter or in the game field. The game field is adjacent to the Whispering Pine Shelter.  
  • The grass area near the Welcome Center is not well suited for lawn games as it is on a slope. There would be some space on the deck or concrete around the Welcome Center for none running games, depending on what else you want to do.
  • Fishing is catch and release only.  A Kansas license is required for those between the ages of 16 & 72. The District fishing permit is waived for the TimberRidge site.


TimberRidge only allows beer, champagne, or wine on site. No hard liquor is allowed at this site. No alcohol may be consumed in the parking lots and it is not allowed outside of the designated map on your contract if you choose to have alcohol. It is your responsibility to make sure all participants at your event are aware of where they can and cannot have alcohol. Alcohol should not be carried around on site or at any of the amenities or near any water. Participants not following this rule will be asked to pour it out or return to the designated area and if non-compliant will be asked to leave. .


We do not require a catering permit for the site. You can bring in your own food or catering.


TimberRidge has three man made ponds built in succession. They are great fishing ponds, however they have a very quick drop off close to the shore. Groups should always make sure an adult is neat the water when kids are down there fishing. Staff are only present at the Catfish Pond area when boats are rented.

Kill Creek Park

Is North of the TimberRidge Adventure Center entrance at 117Th st off of Homestead Ln.  They have a playground at one of their shelters and access to the Streamway trail year-round. June – Mid August there is a beach with swimming available. Be sure to check the hours it will be open here when planning your event.


There are approximately 80 parking spaces at the Welcome Center and approximately 92 at the Whispering Pine Shelter. 


When planning your event here are some questions to ask:

  • How many total people are coming?
  • Will they all come at once or is it come and go?
  • How long are you renting the amenities?
  • How many people do you think will use the amenities?
  • Consider doing a survey for your event to see what people are most interested in doing and how long they might stay.
  • If renting the tower and 20 or 40 people are interested, consider assigning times to make the most out of your rental time.
  • Do you need to have air conditioning for your participants?  
  • Do you need access to a kitchen?   


  1. Aryeh Goldman

    Outdoor Adventure Specialist

  2. Alisa Kozlowski

    Outdoor Adventure Coordinator

Interested in Sponsoring us? 

Contact Rhonda Pollard for a variety of ways you could support and/or sponsor programs at TimberRidge Adventure Center.