50 Plus Sponsorship


Sponsor Johnson County Park & Recreation District’s 

50 Plus Program!

The 50 Plus Department provides the opportunity to not just promote your business with unique and affordable advertising, but also to invest in the programs in your community! This is your chance to meet the aging population of Johnson County.

Wellstone staff and participants at 50 Plus St Patricks Day Event

“The innovative and fun programming of the JCPRD 50 Plus Program fosters relationships and a sense of community here in Johnson County. The Welstone is honored to be a sponsor of this great program since 2016.”

Shelly, The Wellstone, Marketing Director

Sponsorships benefit your business by:

· Increasing the value of your advertising dollars.

· Achieving name recognition with this influential population.

· Developing future sales through personal contact with potential customers.

· Maximizing exposure to your target market.

· Associating your brand and business with one of the top park and     recreation agencies in the nation.

· Making a positive and beneficial contribution to your community.

· Market beyond your doorstep - we program throughout Johnson County.

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Faces of 50 Plus!

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