Detailed League Outline

Updated June 5

Please also see Covid-19 Guidelines for Variations.

Youth Fastpitch  - Summer 2020

*Denotes additional requirements/forms


  • Registration opens online on May 26
  • Registration deadline - June 3
    • If faxing or mailing documents, the manager will receive a confirmation email.  If no email is received, we did not receive your documents.  Please do not fax after 5:00pm or on Saturday/Sunday.
    • Full payment is due at the time of registration.· $30 Service Charge on all returned checks.
    • Payment methods accepted:  Check, Cash or Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.
    • Refunds will be made only when leagues are filled or when canceled by the league coordinator.  Refunds may take 2-3 weeks.
    • Teams will only be registered if required team information and payment are provided by the final registration deadline.  Payments received after the final registration deadline are not guaranteed placement.  Late payments, if accepted, will be assessed a $100 late fee.

Items to be Turned in by the Registration Deadline

*Required Forms - due by the date listed for your league

All teams re required to submit the following forms by the deadline listed for your team.  Only players and coaches with complete information and required signatures are permitted to play.  If your team must add a players or coach mid-season, please contact the Youth Sports Coordinator for direction.


*Additional Form Required.

Registration Ability Levels 

Divisions split by age/grade or ability are not guaranteed.  Teams are able to report their perceived ability level as “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, or “Advanced” on the registration form.  We provide this section on the registration form so that teams can mark their perceived ability level in the case the league coordinator is able to take this into consideration when creating divisions or matchups.  The league coordinator reserves the right to combine or split grades/ages as needed to maximize league participation.  The following may assist with determining your team’s ability level:

  • Beginner – A team made up of players ranging from new to those with minimal experience.  Beginner teams may also be made up of players who have played together before however the team is noticeably lower in ability than teams of peers who have played before.
  • Intermediate – A team made up of players who have played before.  The team may have also played a few seasons together.  Players may be average to advanced while the team as a whole typically produces a record of relatively even wins to losses.
  • Advanced – A team made up of players who have played before.  The team may also have played numerous seasons together.  Players may be average to advanced while the team as a whole typically produces a strong winning record each season of play.


A team roster is required before play.  No player may play without a parent signature on the roster.  You must have a minimum of 7 players to begin a game.  We suggest a roster of 10-14 players for the season.  There is no set maximum.  Players, other than pitcher, may be added up until your last game day.  If you wish to add a player after your roster has been turned in, please contact the youth sports office. 

Adding Players / Substitute Players

Players, other than Pitcher, may be added to rosters at any time during the season with the exception of the last game day.  A player may be added for the duration of the season or as a substitute for just one game.  The purpose of allowing additional players is to encourage participation of children late to the sport and to assist in avoiding forfeits.  Any new/additional/substitute player must be added to the team roster with complete information and parent signature before play.  Teams and rosters may only include players that fit the age requirements for the registered division.  Players will be considered in the age/ability listed on the roster of their primary team. 

  • Legal Example – If a 9U player is listed on both a 9U roster and a 10U roster, that player will be considered 9U and legally playing up to 10U. 
  • Violation Example – If a 9U player is listed on a 10U roster and/or appears on 10U scoresheets prior to the addition of that 9U player to a 9U roster, that player will be considered a 10U player playing down and in violation of JCPRD roster regulations.
  • Legal Example – If a player is added for play in games 5 and 7 of an 8 game season, that team has legally added a player.
  • Violation Example – If a player is added to the roster for play on only the last game day of a team’s season (game 8 of an 8 game season), that team is in violation of JCPRD roster regulations.

Roster Check

If it is believed that players are not rostered, or rostered incorrectly, your team’s Head Coach or Manager (on file with JCPRD), may request a Roster Check. A Head Coach/Manager may only request a Roster Check of the team he/she is directly opposing on game day, before or during the game. The request must be made before game time expires.  Once game time has expired, a Roster Check nor Roster Protest can be initiated.

To request a Roster Check, your team’s Head Coach/Manager must ask the plate umpire, UIC or Facility Supervisor.  Play will be stopped (time on the clock will continue) and the Facility Supervisor will retrieve the official roster of the team in question.  Only the Facility Supervisor will view rosters and verify players.  To do so, the Facility Supervisor will ask each player to state her name and birthdate.  

  • Result of Findings:
    • Any unlisted, but legal, players may be added to the roster, with complete information and guardian signature, to continue play.  Players may not be added on the last game day of a team’s season.  
    • If a player is incorrectly represented on the roster, but still meets the age requirements of a division, the player’s information must be updated on the roster and the player may continue play; the Facility Supervisor will communicate the discrepancy with the Youth Sports office for possible further investigation if needed.
    • If a player does not meet the age requirements of a division, the player may continue play however the Facility Supervisor will communicate the discrepancy with the Youth Sports office for investigation.  If a violation is verified by the Youth Sports office, the game will be forfeit.  Further disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Youth Sports office.  

Protesting a Roster

If it is believed that a player’s age is falsely represented during a Roster Check, your team’s Head Coach or Manager (on file with JCPRD) may formally protest a roster.  If you would like to protest the roster of an opposing team, your team’s Head Coach/Manager must complete both of the following requirements on that same game day:  

  1. Request a Roster Check.  See instructions above.
  2. If not satisfied by the Roster Check, the Head Coach/Manager must speak to the UIC or Facility Supervisor on that same game day to document the dissatisfaction in the Roster Check and a request for a formal protest.

The UIC or Facility Supervisor will route the written documentation to the Youth Sports Office for possible investigation.  If a player/team is found in violation, that player/team may be subject to disciplinary action.

Registration Errors

Teams that register for the wrong division may or may not be moved into the correct division and standings may or may not be counted. Registering for the wrong division may result in playing as scheduled for the duration of the season. If playing down, standings will not be kept for the incorrectly registered team.  

League Team Fee

The team fee is based on the league selected.  Please refer to the spring league main page for exact fees.   This fee ensures the league will be scheduled, fields maintained and prepped, games officiated, teams sanctioned, schedules and standings maintained online, and awards (please see “League Awards” for information).  Late or incorrect registrations are not guaranteed accommodation and a $100 late fee will be charged if accommodation is possible. 

Gate Fee

FREE ENTRY for all league games!

Length of Season 

The season will begin the week of June 22.  The season will conclude no later than August 16.  Games will not be played on Memorial Day.  The only other date guaranteed to be excluded from your schedule is the bye date you request online at the time of registration or via the Conflict Form.  Bye requests are due by the registration deadline and must be accompanied by your Conflict Resolution Acknowledgment.  Acknowledgement of this policy is required at the time of registration.  All regular season dates and rainout dates may be used by the Youth Sports Office at any time to reschedule as necessary.  Youth Sports Office initiated reschedules may be made for any reason, such as rain, heat, power outage, etc.  Administrative reschedules will be placed on regular season dates or rainout reschedule dates.

Time of Games

Weekday game times will range from 5:30pm-9:00pm.  Sunday games will range from 12:00pm to 9:00pm.  Younger division will receive priority on early game times.  Game times may rotate from week to week depending on the number of teams in each division and the availability of fields.  If high school teams must accommodate 4 game times in one night due to reschedules,, games will begin no earlier than 5:00pm and no later than 9:30pm.

Game Location

All league games will be played at the Mid America West Sports Complex – 20200 Johnson Drive Shawnee, KS 66218.  Fields numbered 21 through 32.

Inclement Weather Line

913-686-6030. Our inclement weather line offers you a FREE iPhone and android app to quickly check the status information. To download the app, go to the market on your phone and search “Rainout line”. Download the app and search for “JCPRD”. When it appears, click the star on the right side of the page and you are all set.  To receive updates, go to the app and refresh.  At, you may create an account to receive email and text alerts. Click Here for Instructions on setting up a account.  We encourage you to relay this information to your team parents.

Game Schedules

The full schedule will be posted on the Schedules & Standings page no less than 3 days prior to the first game.  The moment schedules are posted, the Coach/Manager of each team will receive an email update.  Coaches are expected to pass this information to players and parents as well as direct players and parents to the website.  Scheduling requests must be submitted in writing no later than the registration final deadline.  The schedule will not be altered to accommodate opponent requests, time requests, or date requests after it is released.  Please see “In-Season Conflict Reporting Policy and Procedures” and the Conflict Resolution Policy for rescheduling procedures.  The League Coordinator has the right to combine leagues and do whatever is necessary to maximize league participation. If a team registers for the incorrect age group, division changes are not guaranteed, and standings may not be tracked.

Overflow Game Nights

Overflow and conflict resolution games may be played on the overflow day of play listed for your division. In the case your team or other teams in your division submit conflict dates, your team may be scheduled to play a minimal amount of games on the overflow day listed for your division.  Teams are provided the opportunity to report conflict dates for each day available for play for their division.  See “Conflict Form” instructions to submit conflicts.

*Conflict Form

To review conflict reporting and rescheduling procedures, Click Here.  Requests are due by the registration deadline.  If you do not submit a bye request at the time of online registration, you may submit a Conflict Form.  Please use the link above for details.  The Conflict Form gives your team an opportunity BEFORE SCHEDULING to make the League Coordinator aware of dates over the course of the season when you know you will not be able to field the legal number of players (7), and these dates will be excluded from your schedule.  Please communicate with your players and parents before submitting this form.  Any conflicts reported after the registration deadline will not be accommodated.  Conflicts that arise during the course of the season may result in a forfeit.  Forfeits count toward the game total. This form is intended to prevent forfeits due to a conflict. If your team does have a conflict, it may be necessary to have your team play on overflow nights or play double headers in order to get your league games played in the weeks allotted.  If your team has no conflicts, please mark this on the form.    

*Conflict Resolution Policy 

At the time of registration, you will be required to acknowledge the JCPRD Conflict Resolution Policy and provide JCPRD with your permission to release email addresses and phone numbers to opponents.  


In-Season Conflict Reporting Policy and Procedures

Please utilize the conflict form to submit written requests by the registration final deadline.  Once the schedule is released, we do not attempt a reschedule unless it is to avoid a forfeit. Based on the flexibility of the schedule, a reschedule may be possible.  Please see below for instructions.

If your team becomes aware of a conflict after the schedules have been released, email with the following:


  1. Team Gender AND Age AND Division
  2. Team Name
  3. Conflict Date and Time

If a forfeit is reported by noon the prior day, the original game will be removed from the schedule, and if requested, a reschedule will be attempted.  If a forfeit is reported after the deadline, the game will be forfeit as a reschedule will not be possible.  Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday game reschedule requests must be reported by 12:00pm Thursday.

Once your game is removed from the schedule it will be up to your opponents whether to take a win via forfeit or work with you on a reschedule.  Please refer to the Conflict Resolution Policy for detailed information.

Rainout Dates

Rainout Games may be rescheduled onto regular season dates, Fridays and Sundays. Rainout dates may be utilized for any reschedule deemed necessary by the League Coordinator.  Conflict reschedules are not permitted to utilize these dates.  Please mark your calendar now for all rainout dates, your team will likely be scheduled to play on some and possibly all listed dates.  Youth Sports Office initiated reschedules may be made for any reason, such as rain, heat, power outage…etc.  Administrative reschedules will be placed on regular season dates or rainout reschedule dates.

If more cancellations occur than available rainout dates, schedules will be revised to accommodate the needed space for games.  Teams are expected to be prepared to play as needed.  If a team is unable to supply the minimum 7 players for a rescheduled game, the team must follow the Conflict Resolution Policy to attempt a reschedule.

Game Standings

Standings of the leagues will be posted on the Schedules & Standings page beginning the second week of league play.  These standings will then be updated weekly.  If the standings are incorrect, please email the League Coordinator with sport,  age, division, date, time, field number, matchupand score for the games in question. 

Tie Breaker For Standings

End of season standings ties will be broken as follows:  1)Head to Head win/loss record.  2)Head to Head point differential.  3)Head to Head win/loss record vs. next place opponent.  4)Head to Head point differential vs. next place opponent.  5)Tie.

Score Cards

The umpire will have the score card for each game.  Score cards are used to input standings.  Score Cards are the only record of game scores.  The Standings are a direct reflection of what is submitted on score cards.  If you are keeping score and have a discrepancy at the end of the game, please bring this to the attention of your umpire and/or the League Office at the fields so that information may be relayed to the League Coordinator.


The Home team, as designated by the schedule, is responsible for running the scoreboard. The Home team will occupy the first base dugout. The umpire will provide the Home team coach with the scoreboard module during the pre-game plate meeting. The module must stay inside the dugout. An adult volunteer (18+, no minors) from the Home team will then be able to update the scoreboard as needed via the module. At the end of the game, the module is to be left on the bench in the dugout our returned to the umpire.

League Awards

Individual awards will be given to teams finishing 1st or 2nd place in their division.  Forfeiture of the last game of the season will result in immediate loss of place standing/team awards for forfeiting team.  Awards will be given the exact number of players listed, with complete information and guardian signature, on your roster.  Players missing information or signatures will not receive an award. Division winners will also earn a berth to the USSSA State and World Series.  For more information regarding State and the World Series, please contact USSSA – or MSP –


Teams must provide shirts/uniforms.  Batting and catching equipment must be furnished by teams and in compliance with the 2019-2020 USSSA rulebook. Online handbooks can be found at

Individuals Seeking Teams/Extra Players

To be placed on a free agent list accessible to coaches, please complete the Individual Recruit Form.  If you are a coach in need of players to fill your roster, please contact the League Coordinator at 913-826-2900 to gain access to our free agent listing.


Helmets/Facemasks - Each team must wear a NOCSAE approved batting helmets with facemasks per USSSA rules. 

Gloves/Bats - Each team must furnish their own gloves and bats per the USSSA rulebook.

Softballs/Gear Specifications -

  • T-Ball/6U/7U/8U 
    • 11” softi (provided by JCPRD)
    • Catchers must wear catcher’s helmet w/ faceguard, OR batting helmet w/ faceguard.
    • Batters must wear helmet w/ faceguard. 
    • Not metal cleats.
  • 9U and 10U Kid/Coach AND 10U
    • 11” optic yellow softball supplied by team - MUST be purchased at JCPRD concessions, $7/ea or $70/dz.
    • Catchers must wear catcher’s helmet w/ mask, chest protector, and shin guards.
    • Batters must wear helmet w/ faceguard.
    • No metal cleats.
  • 11U - 18U
    • 12” optic yellow regulation softball supplied by team - MUST be purchased at JCPRD concessions, $7/ea or $70/dz.
    • Catchers must wear catcher’s helmet w/ mask, chest protector, and shin guards.
    • Batters must wear helmet w/ faceguard.  Metal cleats are allowed beginning at 14U high school double headers. 
    • Players playing in the 14U single game division beginning in April, may not wear metal cleats.  14U through 18U summer high school league players may wear metal cleats.

Practice Facilities

Click here to view JCPRD practice location information.

*Code of Conduct - Team/Fan Conduct

Each coach must submit a Code of Conduct.  The Head Coach must be at least 18 years old.   All coaches are required to submit an electronic Code of Conduct by the deadline listed for the league.  If adding coaches mid-season, please contact the Youth Sports Office for direction. The Head Coach is responsible for keeping their coaches, players, and fans in good conduct.  JCPRD does not tolerate taunting, cursing or any other unsportsmanlike conduct.  Any type of inappropriate behavior by a coach, parent, or player could result in disciplinary action as deemed necessary by JCPRD.  Officials reserve the right to warn, penalize, and/or eject players, coaches, and/or spectators who are in violation of the JCPRD Code of Conduct.  Please remember that this is a youth sports league, we are all here to present a positive example of sportsmanship and leadership to impressionable youth. 

Interaction with Opponents

Coaches are required to command the following:  The Code of Conduct must be upheld by all members (coaches, players, parents, fans…etc.) of all teams, at all times. Teams are expected to interact positively before, during, and after all games. Sportsmanship must be demonstrated during the captain’s meetings, during game play, and at the conclusion of the game when teams line up to meet to show respect for each other and the game. The facility and the parking lot are monitored and if at any time JCPRD staff feel that the JCPRD Code of Conduct has been violated, our staff members reserve the right to contact program administrators and/or police to assist with handling any situation. 


The JCPRD Supervisor of Officials, Tom Prendergast, hires, trains, evaluates, and schedules all officials.  For information regarding JCPRD Officiating or to provide feedback, please contact Tom at

Grade Cards

Grade cards may be requested to rate the performance of Officials.  Please complete the grade card and return it to the Facility Supervisor.

Official Complaint

If you have a complaint or concern, regarding a team, coach, fan, or umpire, that you would like to communicate, please see the Facility Supervisor at the League Office to pick up an Official Complaint Form.  Only the team manager/coach whose name is listed on the registration form will be able to file an Official Complaint.  Once the form is complete, you may leave it with the Facility Supervisor or UIC to deliver to the Youth Sports Coordinator or Supervisor of Officials.  You may also submit it directly to the Youth Sports Coordinator or Supervisor of Officials via email or fax.