Youth Art

Arts education matters.  

Find yourself here.  Be something more.

Whether six years old or sixteen, the benefits to art education are never ending which is why we offer high quality programs with highly qualified Teaching Artists.  The arts encourage problem-solving, creative thinking, collaboration, and individualism all at the same time. Join us in one of our many programs that have the educational mindset at their forefront!

Don't see the program you are looking for? Let's make it happen then! Email us and we will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind program which will let your creativity flow.

Open Art Studio (All Ages)

EVERY* Friday, 10am-12pm

Let's get creative! Join us as we explore new and exciting materials each week through a TAB Environment (Teaching for Artistic Behavior). This is a drop-in program; no pre-registration required. Cost is $3 per participant with all materials provided.

If participant is under 13, a parent or guardian must be present at all times.

If you have a large group planning to attend, a quick email would be greatly appreciated! Field trips are welcome to attend!

*Excludes holiday closings

Clay Creations (Ages 6-12)

Teaching Artist: Angie Yang

Register: January Session Saturdays, 10:00am

Register: April Session  Saturdays, 11:00am

Moldable clay provides an opportunity for problem-solving and creative thinking within a tranquil and reassuring environment.  Your child will have the opportunity to learn how to properly adhere separate clay pieces through score and slip, how to use various clay tools, and how to apply glaze to a finished design culminating in beautiful works of art ready to display!  You are encouraged to register for this class more than once, as the learning process is an ever-revolving door.

Creative and Cultural Arts Lab (Spring Break Camp)

Teaching Artists: Angelina Yang, Program Assistant: Allison Olsen

Register: FULL WEEK

Register: Monday ONLY

Register: Tuesday ONLY

Register: Wednesday ONLY

Register: Thursday ONLY

Register: Friday ONLY

Work with professional artists, dancers, historians, and actors to explore opportunities in cultural and creative arts.  Test out a new art form practice one you already know.

Fashion & Textile Design 

Teaching Artist: TBA

Register: Spring Session (Ages 10-12) Tuesdays, 4:30pm

Register: Spring Session (Ages 13-17) Tuesdays, 7:00pm

Learn the foundational concepts for designing your own clothing and fabric materials.  Working with a professional designer, you will have the opportunity to showcase your work, learn proper vocabulary and even create wearable projects.

Homeschool Art Adventures (Ages 5-15)

Teaching Artist: Marcianne Wagner-Heaton, Program Assistant: Allison Olsen

Collaborative experiences will encourage you to explore art through consideration, conversation, and creation!  Join your friends and go on an adventure into art.  This class is designed to supplement homeschool curriculum.

Homeschool Art Adventures (Ages 5-10)

Register: Spring Session Wednesdays, 10:00am

Register: Thursday AM Session Thursdays, 10:00am

Homeschool Advanced Art Adventures (Ages 11-15)

Register: Wednesday PM Session Wednesdays, 1:00pm

Register: Thursday PM Session Thursdays, 1:00pm

Clay Creations (Ages 5-15)

Register: Thursday April Session (Ages 5-10)

Register: Thursday PM April Session (Ages 11-15)

STEAM Kinetic Sculpture Workshop

Teaching Artist: Dani Tuttle

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Register: Ages 6-8 Saturday, 9:00am

Register: Ages 9-12 Saturday, 11:00am

Register: Ages 13-17 Saturday, 1:30pm

As a fun way to introduce physics, students will work to create mobile sculptures inspired by Alexander Calder.

STEAM Materials Magic

Teaching Artist: Dani Tuttle

Register: February Session (Ages 6-8) Saturdays, 9:00am

Register: February Session (Ages 9-12) Saturdays, 12:00pm

Register: February Session (Ages 13-17) Saturdays, 2:30pm

Create one-of-a-kind sculptures using nothing but cardboard and duct tape.  Take on this challenge as you design clothing, characters, and anything else you can imagine.

STEAM Prairie Style Architecture

Teaching Artist: TBA

Register: March Session (Ages 6-8) Saturdays, 9:00am

Register: March Session (Ages 9-12) Saturdays, 12:00pm

Register: March Session (Ages 13-17) Saturdays, 2:30pm

Students will discover the Prairie Style movement in architecture, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Winter Art Studio* (Ages 6-12)

Teaching Artist: Allison Olsen

Time to get creative! Work with a teaching artist to design and create various two-dimensional works of art. Enjoy a mini-art-show on Friday for friends and family!

Register: December AM Session

Register: December PM Session

Register: January AM Session

Register: January PM Session

*This program is also available at Mill Creek Activity Center and New Century Fieldhouse, email for more details.