League Team Practice Options

Youth Basketball - Winter 2023/24

Suggested Practice Locations

  • Okun Fieldhouse - Reserved through JCPRD
  • Roeland Park Sports Dome - Reserved through JCPRD
  • Shawnee Mission School District - Reserved through JCPRD
  • Unaffiliated locations such as Schools, Community Centers and Churches - Reserved through that location.

Okun Fieldhouse

Shawnee Mission School District 

Roeland Park Sports Dome

  • A-la-carte 
    • Payment due at time of reservation.
      • $20 per hour - half court, 1 goal (non-league teams, $35)
      • $40 per hour - full court, 2 goals (non-league teams, $50)
      • Contact Ben Hess at [email protected] or 913-826-3169 to book.
  • Teams must be paid in full for league to receive league team rates.
  • Payment due at time of reservation.

All non-JCPRD locations 

  • Call the individual School, School District Office, Community Center, etc for rental information.