League Rules

Okun Fieldhouse Youth Volleyball League Rules

Updated: Winter 2023


  • Rotational substitution is required for grades 3 & 4. Rotational substitution is required for 5th & 6th grade recreational leagues. 
  • Positional substitution is allowed for the 5th & 6th grade intermediate/competitive leagues and all leagues 7th grade and up. If the 5th & 6th grade teams are not split by ability, positional substitution is allowed.  
  • If positional substitution is allowed, teams may utilize either rotational or positional substitution, not both.

Rotational Substitution

Substitution will be made after side outs in the middle back position. Coaches are encouraged to play each player an equal amount of time; however coaches reserve the right to sub according to the team philosophy and team mechanics within JCPRD Code of Conduct regulations. Players may not sit for an entire game to then be played during the next game for any reason other than injury or disciplinary reasons.

Positional Substitution

Coaches or captains can request substitution at their own discretion in accordance with the KSHSAA volleyball rules.


The use of a libero is legal in 5th/6th competitive divisions and all 7th grades through high school divisions in accordance with KSHSAA regulation. Positional substitution is required for libero use. A libero may not be used by teams using a rotational substitution.


  • 3rd & 4th Grade - The service line will be moved in approx. 15 feet (second green line in from base line). 
  • 5th & 6th Grade - The service line will be moved in approx. 10 feet (first green line in from base line).  
  • 7th Grade though High School will serve at the regulation service line (the baseline).  
  • If a server serves 5 consecutive points, her team will rotate servers and a new server will continue serving. Each new server is allowed one re-serve during their time of service.  A re-serve is signified by a dropped or caught service attempt.

Let Serve

A let serve is a serve that hits the net but goes over on the opponent’s side.  Let serve will be allowed in all age groups.

Net Height

  • 3 & 4th Grade - The net height will be set at 6’8”.
  • 5th & 6th Grade - The net height will be set at 7’.
  • 7th Grade through High School - The net height will be set at the regulations women's height of 7’4”.

Length of Games

Three games to 21 per match. JCPRD is a Double Header League, 2 matches, 3 games each, per day. Rally point scoring, with a 15 minute time limit per game, wins by 2. After the time has expired, a team must be ahead by one in order to win the game. If the score is tied after the time limit, the next point wins. Three games will be played each match, regardless of the scores from the first two games. The League Coordinator may interrupt or stop a game or match for violation of rules/policies including missing rosters.

Score Table / Line Judges / Coaching

Each team must provide one adult for the scorer’s table and one adult line judge for every game. Coaches may only coach from the side their bench is on. Appointed line judges are considered part of the officiating team during game play. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Minors, even if 17, are not permitted to serve as a team volunteer.

High School Boys Rule Variations - Updated Fall 2023

  • Boys may only attack from BEHIND the 10 foot line.  
  • Boys may NOT leave the ground to tip, punch or block in front of the 10 foot line.

Tie Breaker For Standings

End of season standings ties will be broken as follows: 1)Head to Head win/loss record. 2)Head to Head point differential. 3)Head to Head win/loss record vs. next place opponent. 4)Head to Head point differential vs. next place opponent. 5)Tie.


  • 3rd through 6th Grade - JCPRD will provide a Volley-Lite volleyball for game play.
  • 7th Grade through Higher School - JCPRD Will provide a regulation women's volleyball for game play.
  • Teams must furnish their own practice balls. 


Teams are encouraged to wear matching color t-shirts, jerseys or full uniforms.  

  • 3rd through 6th grade - Numbers are only required if utilizing positional substitution.
  • 7th Grade through High School - Numbers are required.

Forfeit Time

If a team is not present at the first game time of a match, the first game is a forfeit. After 10 minutes, the next two games will be a forfeit. Teams may play with as few as 4 players to avoid forfeit. Scheduled game time is the official start of the game, therefore, dedicated time for warmup may not be allotted. 


Each team is allowed three 30 second time-outs per match. The clock will stop on all time outs.


The League Coordinator has the right and authority to split or combine grades, split or combine ability levels, waive minimums, increase maximums, and do whatever is necessary to maximize team participation. All players must play in their own grade level or higher and play on only one team per division. If teams have both an A team and a B team, players may play up, not down.


Jewelry is recommended to be removed during play, but stud/post earrings are allowed.  Long or hoop earrings should be removed or taped. National High School NF High School/KSHSAA volleyball rules will be enforced for ALL divisions unless otherwise specified.