Conflict Reporting

Youth Fastpitch - Fall 2022

Bye Requests - To be requested at the time of registration

Click Here to submit your bye request for the upcoming season if you did not do so at the time of online registration. To be taken into consideration, this form must be submit by the final registration deadline.

Please communicate with all of your players and parents BEFORE submitting your request. Chances are, there is a date that you will be missing too many players to field a team. Your team will play on up to 5 of the dates listed below. Your team is allowed to report 1 conflict date. This date will be excluded from your schedule.

All dates are available for scheduling and conflict dates may not be reported once the final registration deadline has passed.

Play Days

Youth Season - August 23 through October 6 - Game Times – 5:45pm to 9:00pm

  • Tball & 6U - Tuesdays
  • 7U & 8U - Tuesdays 
  • 9U & 10U Kid/Coach - Tuesdays 
  • 10U Kid Pitch - Thursdays
  • 11U - Thursdays 
  • 12U - 18U -  Thursdays

Rainout Reschedule Dates (may be used for any administrative reschedule need)

Sunday Game Times – 12:00pm to 9:00pm

  • Any league Tuesday or Thursday during the season
  • Sunday, September 18
  • Sunday, September 25

In-Season Conflict Reporting Policy & Procedures

Click Here for in-season instructions.