Fastpitch Conflict Resolution Policy

In-Season Conflict Reporting Policy and Procedures

Once the schedule is released, we do not attempt a reschedule unless it is in an attempt to avoid a forfeit.  Based on the flexibility of the schedule, a reschedule may be possible.  Please see below for instructions.

If your team becomes aware of a conflict after the schedules have been released, and you will not have at least 7 players to field a team, email [email protected] with the following:

  1. Sport
  2. Team Age Division AND Day of Play
  3. Team Name
  4. Conflict Date and Time

If a forfeit is reported by noon the prior day, the original game will be removed from the schedule, and if requested, a reschedule will be attempted.  If a forfeit is reported after the deadline, the game will be forfeit as a reschedule will not be possible.  Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday game reschedule requests must be reported by 12:00pm Thursday.

In-Season Conflict Resolution Policy and Procedures

The team reporting the conflict will be given the contact information of the opponent.  It is the responsibility of the reporting coach to follow the instructions listed here.  Reschedules must be resolved by the last day of the season.

  1. Follow the initial Conflict Reporting instructions above.
  2. Wait for response from the League Coordinator.
  3. Contact your opponent.
  4. Compile a list of available dates for both teams.
  5. Contact the League Coordinator for date approval.  If denied, revert to step 3.
  6. Receive Confirmation email and updated schedule from the League Coordinator.  The schedule remains as-is until a revised schedule is posted online and you receive a confirmation email.

If the reporting team submits a reschedule date that has not been approved by the opponents, or if a reschedule date cannot be found by the end of the season, the reporting team will suffer a loss via forfeit and the opponent will receive a win via forfeit.

The schedule posted to is always the most up to date schedule. 

Removed games will be listed in the “Pending Forfeits/Reschedules” section of your schedule; the original game will not be played.