Inclement Weather Information

Game Delay & Cancellation Communications

JCPRD utilizes an online app, Rainout Line, to communicate delays and cancellations.  Updates are provided not only for inclement weather, but also in the event of a power outage, safety issue, or any other administrative need.

Inclement Weather Phone Line and App

Inclement Weather Line - 913-686-6030.  Our inclement weather line offers you a FREE iOS and android app to quickly check the status of games and game-day information. To download the app, go to the app store or market on your smart device and search “Rainout line”. Download the app and search for “JCPRD”. When it appears, click the star on the right side of the page and you are all set.  To receive updates, go to the app and refresh.  

Text & Email Alert Setup

In addition to downloading the Rainout Line app for your smart device, you may wish to receive pushed text and email alerts.  The Rainout Line app will not push alerts.  To receive alerts, please follow the instructions here.

1) Go to

2) Click “Log In”.

3) Enter your info to “Create A New User Account”.

4) Follow the instructions in the “Note” to verify your email address.

5) Follow the instructions provided in the email from Rainout Line.

6) Set up your password and click “Save Changes” when complete.

7) Click “Home”.

8) In the “Find a Rainout Line” search bar, enter “JCPRD” and click “Search”.

9) Click the link for “Johnson County Park and Recreation District”.

10) You may select the location(s) you would like to receive alerts from.  You must select each location separately.  You may also select to receive alerts from all listed JCPRD facilities.         

  • Select "Okun Fieldhouse" for:
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Indoor Youth Camps
  • Select "Mid America West Fastpitch and Camps" for:
    • Youth Fastpitch 
    • Outdoor Youth Camps
  • Select "Mid America Adult Slowpitch" or "Heritage Park Softball" for:
    • Adult Slowpitch Leagues

11) Once you have selected the location, on the left side bar, click “Email & Text Alerts”.

12) You may then select the “Email” and/or “Text” tab.

13) Go through the verification step using the verification email and/or text that the website sends to your email and/or mobile device.


Rainout Line
(913) 686-6030
View on-line,
sign-up for alerts,
or use the free app!