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4850 Rosewood, Roeland Park, KS
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The Roeland Park Sports Dome is JCPRD's 24,000 square foot, air-supported sports dome. It provides a variety of recreation opportunities for adults and youth. At the dome, JCPRD offers fun, year-round adult recreation sport leagues in volleyball and basketball. For our youth patrons, JCPRD offers a number of sports clinics in soccer and basketball. The Roeland Park dome also offers basketball, volleyball, and soccer court rentals to teams, schools, clubs, individuals, and corporations.

The Roeland Park Dome Offers a Variety of Year-Round Activities

Adult Volleyball Leagues (3 levels)
Three levels are offered:

Beginning Level - Coed Recreational teams
Intermediate Level - for more experienced players or teams placing first or second in recreational level
Competitive Level - leagues for power teams
Visit our Activities Sports page for registration forms

Adult Basketball Leagues
Two levels area offered:
Men's C for recreational teams
Men's B for average to above-average teams
Visit our Activities Sports page for registration forms

Roeland Park Sports Dome (913) 362-8700
This fabric structure covers 24,000 square feet. The dome is located north of the Roeland Park Community Center and west of the Roeland Park Aquatic Center.

The Roeland Park Dome Offers:
  • 4 Volleyball Courts
  • 2 Basketball/Indoor Soccer Courts

    Court Rental Costs
    Basketball/ Soccer rentals- $45 per hour resident / $50 nonresident
    Volleyball courts- $30 per hour resident / $35 nonresident
    Questions about our court rentals, contact us at (913) 362-8700

  • Rainout Line
    (913) 686-6030
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