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JCPRD's Legacy Plan

Johnson County Park & Recreation District completed a system-wide strategic planning process in 2015 with the Board of Park
and Recreation Commissioners' approval of the district's new Legacy Plan. The plan provides the district's board and staff with
a comprehensive framework for managing Johnson County's open space and recreational resources through the year 2030.
The seven legacy elements that form the foundation of the plan include strategies for investing in and strengthening the district's
aging infrastructure, for expanding the county's parks and trails system, for protecting natural resource areas, and for increasing recreational programs and services.

The Johnson County of 2017 is a different county than it was when the last comprehensive parks and recreation strategic plan was prepared in 2000. In the seventeen years since the MAP 2020 plan, Johnson County has grown not just in total population, but has become a more diverse community with rising interests in natural resources and active living. During this same period, the landscape of parks and recreation within Johnson County has seen a significant evolution both at the municipal and district levels as well as within the private sector. Throughout this growth, the Johnson County Park & Recreation District has remained at the forefront of the field as stewards and recreation service innovators, acquiring environmentally significant land holdings, and providing residents with new and relevant offerings. The JCPRD Legacy Plan seeks to continue these traditions and harness the district’s capabilities to focus the organization’s future and growth on work that is responsive to an evolving Johnson County.

Below are our Legacy Plan and our Legacy Plan Appendix...



JCPRD Legecy Plan
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JCPRD Legecy Plan  Appendix
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